[Taxacom] running PAUP

Jorge Chiapella jchiapella at imbiv.unc.edu.ar
Wed Dec 10 15:02:36 CST 2008

 Dear all
I  am trying to run a 1000 replicate bootstrap analysis with PAUP 4.0b10
(Macintosh) in a data matrix of ca. 170 x 900. I started the analysis many
times and sooner or later (more sooner) the program seems to be overwhelmed
and eventually crashes. My Mac is a PowerMac 3,1, 400 MHz and 512 MB. The
data set seems to be very large for the resources available, and therefore I
wanted to ask if anyone is aware of any place with more powerful computers
where I can send my matrix to run it. Or, alternatively a suitable
configuration in Paup, so as the program will not collapse or will produce
results in a reasonable time (I have run 6 whole days just to have 40
repetitions done). 
thanks in advance

jorge chiapella

laboratorio molecular - imbiv - universidad nacional de cordoba
velez sarsfield 1611 - X5016GCA - cordoba - argentina
+54 351 433 4404/4408 int. 435 

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