[Taxacom] Biogeografía 3

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Biogeografía 3 contains the following four articles:


A focus article on "Dynamic endemism and 'general' biogeographic patterns" by S.S. Nihei;


"De los modelos de nicho ecológico a las áreas de distribución geográfica" by P.P. Illoldi-Rangel and T. Escalante;


A review of the book "Goethe's science of living form: The artistic stages" by M.C. Ebach and;


A focus article is on "The Chinese Virtual Herbarium (CVH) and its future role for biogeographic research" by L. Wang and H. Qin.


You can download the issue http://www.uac.pt/~seba/?q=node/14 or visit the SEBA website www.seba.uac.pt



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