[Taxacom] Dominican Republic plant

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Mon Feb 4 11:46:21 CST 2008

Yes, my Google search had just turned up


As the name was not validly published it is not in IPNI

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> Hi Paul,
> A step by step search in uBio database returns genus Cleosma
> Cleosma octandra Urb. & Ekman ex Sandwith
> a further source for this name can be found in w3tropicos database:
> http://mobot.mobot.org/cgi-bin/search_vast?onda=N03701842
> I am not a botanist, so I am not sure if this helps putting you on
> the track for the answer to your question, but I have tried :-) ...
> All the best,
> Adorian
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> At 16:02 04.02.2008, Paul Kirk wrote:
>>The fungus Helminthosporium cleosmatis Petr. & Cif. 1932 was described
>>from the Dominican Republic ('Cordillera Central') as occurring 'in
>>foliis vivis Cleosmatis octandri' - anyone out there any idea what the
>>correct name of this plant might be as both IPNI (first choice) and
>>Google (second choice) failed? The ICBN requires that an epithet of a
>>name of a fungus derived from the generic name of an associated organism
>>should be spelled in accordance with the accepted spelling of that
>>organism's name (Art. 60.12) ...
>>Thanks in advance,
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