[Taxacom] Dominican Republic plant

Alec McClay alec.mcclay at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 4 12:43:55 CST 2008

At 11:00 AM 08.02.04, you wrote:
>The fungus Helminthosporium cleosmatis Petr. & Cif. 1932 was described
>from the Dominican Republic ('Cordillera Central') as occurring 'in
>foliis vivis Cleosmatis octandri'

This looks like a Latin genitive case formed from Cleosma octandra 
(although shouldn't it be "octandrae"?) so I think Adorian is correct.


>Hi Paul,
>A step by step search in uBio database returns genus Cleosma
>Cleosma octandra Urb. & Ekman ex Sandwith
>a further source for this name can be found in w3tropicos database:
>I am not a botanist, so I am not sure if this helps putting you on
>the track for the answer to your question, but I have tried :-) ...
>All the best,
>Adorian Ardelean
>coordinator of myNature project

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