[Taxacom] Machine-tagging Flickr images with taxonomic names

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Feb 5 18:10:55 CST 2008

In message <1a9849d0802051347w766bf234n7c9de04ea1b5ee00 at mail.gmail.com>,
Ken-ichi <kenichi.ueda at gmail.com> writes

>This works:
>(see http://flickr.com/photos/ken-ichi/2240715004/)

Thank you, but that too gets collapsed, as "helvellalacunosa"; try
selecting the tag's link and you'll get:


Nice picture, BTW!

Incidentally, several people kindly made the same suggestion, but by
writing to me directly. Perhaps the list can be reconfigured to default
to replying to the group; or people could just double check before

>I'd also be interested to hear about any conventions or emerging
>conventions on taxonomic tagging in folksonomies like Flickr.  I tend
>to just tag with genus and the binomial on Flickr, but some machine tag
>standard would definitely add a lot of value to Flickr as a
>biodiversity informatics resource.

I've also tagged my image with:




but I suppose others might use:


and even "binominal" instead of "binomial",

Oh why do we make things so complicated!

Andy Mabbett

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