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Hi all,


Arthur makes an interesting suggestion.


Whether or not we try to create definitions going forward, we also face
the problem of what all the attributes are for existing works so that we
can add appropriate metadata to online search mechanisms (such as David
R and I are working on) to allow users to understand the data they are
using and also to find the most appropriate data.


So, two questions to the list:


1) what are all the attributes that we should include in such a matrix
as Arthur suggests?


2) is there a desire for a survey and possibly standardized definitions
of the categories going forward?  If so, I can easily host it here at
the Smithsonian as soon as we have the list of attributes (and


Note: While I agree with Chris Thompson that these are all databases, it
is still useful and necessary to define what is in the databases.  Also,
I suspect that we will always use such terms in the titles of works, so
perhaps some standardization would be useful going forward.


And thanks Chris for pointing us to a very useful and interesting
analysis.  I was pleased to see a number of things that had occurred to
me validated by your research (such as the difference in terminology and
usage between Entomologists and the rest of us).







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I am not sure about egolists, but birders also have use 'checklists' 

that don't include geographic regions - for example a checklist of  

nectar seeking birds.  But then is this really a list rather than a 



I did a search on Google for "Checklist and Plant" - the first result 

has a list of plants and attributes, none of which include geographic 




Perhaps we need a matrix that people can tick - with a list of 

attributes such as Anna's down the page, and a list of categories across

the page - such as checklist; catalogue; nomenclature; index; 

flora/fauna; monograph etc.


Perhaps after a little more discussion here to get the two sets of 

categories for the matrix, put it on survey monkey and get people to 

tick which they think is relevant for each.  This is easy to do.





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