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Alan Prather alan at msu.edu
Tue Feb 12 19:20:52 CST 2008

Dear Colleagues: I would like to remind everyone that this Friday is the
deadline for applications for participation in the CollectionsWeb workshop I
(Opportunities and Challenges of Small Collections). I've pasted the
original post below. One additional thing to note is that because of NSF-RCN
rules, we cannot pay for international travel from this grant. If this
workshop is of interest to you, I encourage you to apply. 

Alan Prather (alan at msu.edu)


Dear Colleagues:


On behalf of the CollectionsWeb Steering Committee, I would like to announce
that we are accepting applications for Workshop I: Opportunities and
Challenges of Small Collections. The workshop will be held in East Lansing,
MI on April 19 and 20, 2008. The workshop will address issues relating to
small collections. More information about the workshop can be found at
http://www.collectionsweb.org/activities_schedules/workshops.html . The
NSF-funded Research Coordination Network will cover most costs for
attendees. This workshop will address issues related to small natural
history collections (including paleontology) located at universities,
free-standing museums, field stations, or any other kind of institution.
The meeting activities and recommendations will be reported on
CollectionsWeb (www.collectionsweb.org) , so that all collections personnel
may benefit from the discussions.


To frame and address these issues, we are most interested in having
participants who have had positive experiences or successes in teaching,
research, and/or outreach in a "small collections" environment. For our
purposes, we are defining "small collections" as institutions where there is
only one full-time professional associated with the collection, i.e. a
"one-person" show. Obviously this is an imprecise definition and applicants
from along the continuum (undeniably small to not-so-small) will be
represented at the workshop. 


We encourage you to apply if this workshop is appropriate to you, or to
encourage others to apply. To be considered you must commit to attending the
entire meeting (arrival on 18 Apr, meeting 19 and 20, depart after 5:00 pm
on the 20th or on the 21st).


To apply, please send a recent CV and a short cover letter explaining your
experiences and successes in teaching, research, and/or outreach in such a
"small collections" environment by email to Alan Prather (alan at msu.edu).
Selection will be made by the Steering Committee


Applications are open immediately and close on 15 February 2008. We hope to
have final selections made by 29 February 2008. You may address questions to
Alan Prather (alan at msu.edu) or anyone on the CollectionsWeb Steering
Committee (http://www.collectionsweb.org/about/steering_committee.html) .




Alan Prather

Associate Professor and Director of the MSU Herbarium

Michigan State University


office: 517-355-4695

fax: 517-353-1926

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