[Taxacom] Fwd: ICIM-1

Haszprunar, Prof. Dr. Gerhard haszi at zsm.mwn.de
Wed Feb 13 03:55:42 CST 2008

Dear Colleague,

We have now looked at the registrations and abstract submissions to “1st 
International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology”. There are very many 
interesting abstracts, but we nevertheless have the feeling that our 
announcements may not have reached the whole group of potential 

We have therefore decided to move the deadline for early registration 
and abstract submission until 1 May to give more people a chance to 
participate in our congress.

Please look at our home page www.ICIM-1.dk <http://www.icim-1.dk/> We 
hope that you will find the program so attractive that you want to 
participate and to let us know about your fascinating research.

We would also like to have as many participants as possible when we try 
to found “Society for Invertebrate Morphology” which should hopefully 
arrange congresses like this one every three years in the future.

Hope to see you in Copenhagen in August.

Claus Nielsen (congress host)

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