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P.S. I probably should have noted that this message was initially posted (not by me) to a regional invasive plants list.  It is possible that the requestor may "only" be interested in pest biota (still a difficult task), though the wording is not clear.  DFW

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>From: "gokhan atila" <gattilla at gmail.com>
>Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 22:25:03 +0200
>I am an amateur researcher and I need a complete list of all species.
>I prefer it to be in excel format with the following columns:
>* scientific name
>* common names
>* Synonyms
>* TSN (taxonomic serial number)
>* classifications (taxonomic hierarchy)
>* geographic division
>* origin
>* taxon author / year
>.... (what else necessary)
>Maybe it's hard to find a complete list for all species. But I think only
>animals may be easier.
>I found some sources: <http://www.itis.gov>www.itis.gov,
><http://www.gbif.org>www.gbif.org, <http://www.sp2000.org>www.sp2000.org
>But couldn't find yet what I exactly need.
>I would be glad if you can help me in finding such kind of a list.

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