[Taxacom] gena strikes again

Stuart Fullerton stuartf at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
Fri Feb 15 05:53:30 CST 2008

wow   gena has a cousin

we have not heard from gena in a LONG time!!!    i bet  98% of the 
current group have not a clue as to gena gulamentum!  or her book!

Doug Yanega wrote:

>David Remsen thinks too small. There are other lists just as easy to 
>obtain, and far more valuable:
>(1) A complete family tree of every human that has ever lived, with 
>their complete genetic sequences
>(2) A complete list of every disease affecting every species on 
>earth, with their respective cures
>(3) A complete list of every mineral deposit on earth, with their 
>exact georeferenced coordinates, dimensions, impurity levels, and 
>depth beneath the surface
>(4) A complete list of all passwords and security codes for every 
>computer in existence (maybe it's hard to find a complete list for 
>all computers. But I think only bank accounts may be easier)
>I could use copies of these lists by the end of the week, if that's 
>not too much trouble. Thanks in advance,
>Gena Gulamentum's 14th cousin eight times removed
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