[Taxacom] complete list of all species

Erik Rijkers er at xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 15 09:38:57 CST 2008

A little off topic, perhaps, but I would appreciate your

When reading about the grail of databasing complete lists
of species, I often think it might be better to replace
'species' with 'opinion'.

After all, species lists are name lists, each name being a
literature reference to the original description. This
description anchors the name into the real world via a

It seems to me that the extent to which the type (one
individual organism) is representative for a wider state
of affairs (a species) is an educated guess, although
admittedly 'educated' can be quite a convincing body of

Organism names are opinions and should be stored in
databases as such - with the necessary time aspects.

Is this too obvious to be discussed, or is it indeed often


Erik Rijkers

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