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Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Mon Feb 18 08:17:54 CST 2008

At 07:27 AM 2/18/2008, Richard Jensen wrote:
 >>"Species names" are composed of a combination of generic and specific 
epithets (a noun and an adjective) and should be treated as nouns, e.g., 
"Quercus rubra" is the subject of the following sentence and requires, In 
my view, a singular verb:  "Quercus rubra is a species of oak native to 
North America."<<

This is still true, IMO, if the specific epithet is a noun in genitive case 
(e.g., Quercus bushii) or a noun in apposition (Acer negundo).  Perhaps the 
grammatical term we need is "noun phrase"?

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