[Taxacom] Justifying species?

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Mon Feb 18 16:42:17 CST 2008

Dick Jensen wrote:

"It is important, under many existing laws, for endangered taxa to be
recognized as species and the greater the justification for declaring a
taxonomic entity to be a species, the more likely it is to be eligible
for protection."

Interesting you raise that point. In the case of the Apteropanorpidae in
the paper I cited, nearly the entire distribution of the family is
within very secure reserves: national parks largely within a World
Heritage Area. Almost as a footnote, the authors point out that one of
the sampled populations of a widespread species is on a mountain
"surrounded by pasture and timber plantations. There is no corridor
linking this population to others in the family... ...preservation of
all populations is essential because together they represent at least
six million years of evolutionary history..." etc etc.

It's clear from the rest of the paper, however, that the authors were
defending their erection of two new species on biological, not political
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