[Taxacom] Justifying species or species concepts?

Richard Zander Richard.Zander at mobot.org
Tue Feb 19 13:34:32 CST 2008

Well, we should also find a middle way here. 

Some formal, general species concepts may be nonsense to start with and
some may not apply in some particular cases. 

Thus, trying to fit a new species to most may miss the most important or
the only relevant species concept. In fact, trying to fit them all gives
me some doubt when surely there are important differences between formal
species concepts that are contradictory or at odds in some way, and
therefore there must be some contradiction inherent in the portmanteau
species concept of the new species. 

Yes, you might state (unless obvious) with profit to the readers your
species concepts or multiple species concepts when describing a new
species, but matching a checklist of concepts is AGAIN mindless
methodology (a horror I believe comparable to the long execrated
typological or teleological way of doing biology).

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