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Well, I object, Jim. Although the ICBN says "The name of a family is a
plural adjective used as a noun . . . " I think the word "family" is
understood, and the sentence is then "The [family] Campanulaceae is . .
. " not are. 

Otherwise, I suppose Reveal are correct.  :)


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However, be aware, that when dealing with suprageneric names which are
mononomials they should be treated as plurals, e.g., The Campanulaceae

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> At 07:27 AM 2/18/2008, Richard Jensen wrote:
>  >>"Species names" are composed of a combination of generic and
> epithets (a noun and an adjective) and should be treated as nouns,
> "Quercus rubra" is the subject of the following sentence and requires,
> my view, a singular verb:  "Quercus rubra is a species of oak native
> North America."<<
> This is still true, IMO, if the specific epithet is a noun in genitive
> case
> (e.g., Quercus bushii) or a noun in apposition (Acer negundo).
> the
> grammatical term we need is "noun phrase"?
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