[Taxacom] Family names, usage.

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Wed Feb 20 10:47:21 CST 2008

At 10:40 AM 2/20/2008, Spies, Martin wrote:
>Thomas G. Lammers wrote:
>>And as long as none of them insist I change all my plural verbs to 
>>singular, I care not what others do.  As long as I can be "right," the 
>>others are free to be "wrong" if they so desire.
>Looks like the tired old tactic of deriding the other person when you've 
>run out of arguments.
>None of the contributors who've happened to come in on what you perceive 
>as the other side on this issue fit the bill you just tried to present 
>them with.

"Deriding"???   Actually, I meant it as a conciliatory post, hence the 
quotes around right and wrong, to indicate a bit of jocularity.  I will 
rephrase for clarity: as long as I can do it as I please, I shan't worry 
what others do.  Live and let live.

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