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Henrik Enghoff HEnghoff at snm.ku.dk
Wed Feb 20 09:35:47 CST 2008


Dear taxonomists,


In the framework of the EDIT project (www.e-taxonomy.eu), I have been given the task to produce a "First report on the analysis of changes in collaborative taxonomic work processes - parameters and methods".  This task addresses EDIT's first general objectives:  To reduce fragmentation and to transform taxonomy into an integrated science. 


The report is going to present parameters that can be used to describe changes, and methods by which they can be monitored/measured


Possible parameters include, i.a.,  participation in joint projects, joint publications, and use of specimens from other collections than one's own, use of shared online databases. 


I am interested in hearing about any other attempts to "measure" degree of taxonomic collaboration, including which parameters were used and how they were measured. For example, has anybody tried to extract information about coauthorship from bibliographic databases, just to mention one possibility. 


Henrik Enghoff

Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen




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