[Taxacom] if not Wolbachia, what could be the reason?

Soowon Cho chosoowon at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 11:14:41 CST 2008

Dear members,

There is an epipyropid moth species that is a parasite of cicada in Korea
and Japan, and the main difference is that the Japanese species is
monosexual? (only females) while I could collect both males and females of
this species in Korea.  The genetic difference in COI is around 2% which is
not strong enough to say they are two different species. I investigated for
a possible Wolbachia infection but none of them has been infected. Now, I
wonder what could be the reason that they have very differnt male:female
proportion. Could you please give me an advice? Any further experiement need
to be done?


Soowon Cho
chosoowon at gmail.com
Dept Plant Medicine
Chungbuk Nat'l Univ
Cheongju, 361-763

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