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Paul E. Hargraves pharg at gso.uri.edu
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This is apparently the  Stratford Labs scanner, listing on  the Cybersguys.com website for $95.95 + S/H.
But Amazon.com has the Veho Film & Slide Converter for $129.95 + S/H [$99.95 at Hammacher-Schlemmer], and there are 11 consumer reviews, which are revealing.
XP and Vista only [sorry,Macusers].

Both will do 1800-1900dpi


At 3:29 PM +0000 2/27/08, Karl Magnacca wrote:
>On Wed, February 27, 2008 2:51 pm, Richard Zander wrote:
>> Check out the Cyberguys web site where they sell a $85.00 slide
>> converter that works in 5 secs. My Nikon Coolscan takes forever. Don't
>> know what the quality of the Cyberguys instrument is, but for $85.00 why
>> not try it out.
>It'll depend on what you want out of the scans, though.  This one is 5
>megapixels, which isn't bad (although 5 seconds still sounds suspicuously
>fast).  I too have sat through a ponderous 5 minutes per slide on a Nikon,
>and then another 10 minutes of tweaking - but then the resulting image is
>20 megapixels, and that's still not up to the full resolution of the slide
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