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Dagmar Triebel triebel at bsm.mwn.de
Thu Feb 28 09:29:38 CST 2008

Dear all,

this is to draw your attention to a small but useful service for 
biodiversity research in the field of mycology and botany especially for 
scientists working on traditional monographs and curators databasing old 
collections: "IndExs - Index of Exsiccatae" 
(http://indexs.botanischestaatssammlung.de/). "IndExs"  is a 
bibliography of exsiccatal series. It was launched already 2001 and is 
recently optimized by including new technical services like a sorting 
mechanism, download options and web services (via SOAP). With more than 
2050 data entries it is nearly complete.  "IndExs" comprises information 
on titles, abbreviations and bibliography of exsiccatae. Exsiccatae are 
defined here as "published, uniform, numbered sets of preserved 
specimens distributed with printed labels" (Pfister 1985). The single 
search result gives you all bibliographically important information on 
the series: the editor(s), title in its bibliographical correct form, 
standardized abbreviation of the series as to cite in specimen lists of 
scientific papers or to add in your collection management system, the 
place of publication and the group(s) of organisms distributed. 
Additionally, the first and last number of the series as well as the 
corresponding year of the first and last issue are mentioned. Where 
preceding and / or superseding series do exist this information is 
linked. Images of single examplary labels are included  for 60% of the 
series. They are taken from material located in more than 20 public 
herbaria worldwide.

Best regards,

Dagmar Triebel


Dr. Dagmar Triebel

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