[Taxacom] Cochlospermum

Vincent, Michael A. Dr. vincenma at muohio.edu
Wed Jan 16 14:50:36 CST 2008

Dear Taxacom members:

One of our PhD students, Susannah Fulton, is finishing a phylogenetic study of Cochlospermum (Bixaceae/Cochlospermaceae).  She has been able to obtain material of many of the species she needs for the study, but has some species for which she has not been able to obtain usable material.  I am writing to ask if anyone can provide dried material in silica gel of any of the following species.  If so, we would be happy to cover expenses for shipping the materials.

C. angolense

C. fraseri

C. gillivraei

C. intermedium

C. religiosum

C. wittei

Thank you very much for any assistance you may be able to offer.

M.A. Vincent

Dr. Michael A. Vincent, Curator
W.S. Turrell Herbarium (MU)
Department of Botany
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