Gangolf Jobb gangolf at treefinder.de
Mon Jan 21 04:11:48 CST 2008

Sorry folks,

the November 2007 TREEFINDER was unstable in some cases and should no 
longer be used. There is now a repaired version available at:


The good news is that the instabilities all produced error messages, so 
if you have not seen any message, your results are OK. The new 
TREEFINDER is now more stable, more accurate, more efficient, more 
thoroughly tested than ever before.

TREEFINDER is a software to compute phylogenetic trees from molecular 

New features are:

- model proposer for DNA, Proteins, RNA
- sequence simulation dialog
- improved tree search algorithm
- several bugfixes

The model proposer can generate partitioned models.

Please note that I am still not being paid for my work and that I had no 
income for years. I wonder if somebody finds TREEFINDER worth offering 
me a compensation, a wage, a position, a perspective.

Gangolf Jobb

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