[Taxacom] AMNH, spiders, and LSIDs

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Mon Jan 14 03:35:53 CST 2008

> in a sense they are 
> "fake". I struggle to see what we gain from having fake LSIDs.

We gain an identifer (GUID).  Assuming there is a commitment to persist this
identifier with the object it identifies, that's half the battle. Resolution
is the other half of the battle. Yes, one of the reasons our community (at
least some of it) has embraced LSIDs (as opposed to, say UUIDs) is the
resolvability -- and certainly people who issue (and, more importantly,
expose) LSIDs should also commit to establishing resolution services that
are mostly functional.  But I wouldn't go quite so far as to brand such
LSIDs (i.e., without functional resolution servers) as "fake" and imply they
have no use.  Five or ten years from now; perhaps.  But right now, most of
the would-be LSID issuers are still trying to get our heads around them, and
how to serve and resolve them properly.

That said, I think it would be very worthwhile to send a note to people who
seem to be exposing LSIDs without functioning resolution services and make
sure they understand they are only fulfilling half of the promise of LSIDs;
and also direct them to resources that might guide them to rectifying their
shortcomings.  I like Kevin's idea of somehow delineating experimental LSIDs
from "real" LSIDs (I tried to make this point as well at one or both of the
TDWG/GBIF GUID workshops).


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