[Taxacom] AMNH, spiders, and LSIDs

Norman I. Platnick platnick at amnh.org
Mon Jan 14 06:55:31 CST 2008

Thanks, Richard.  I’m fully aware that AMNH does not yet have a
functioning LSID resolver; the folks who maintain our research site have
been charged with creating that facility.  Robert Raven (who handles the
database conversions of the spider catalog information) and I decided that
it was useful to make the LSIDs available to the arachnological community
in advance of that facility, so that our colleagues could begin to plan to
incorporate the LSIDs into their databases and websites.  Some of those
colleagues have been requesting such links for several years now, but we
preferred to wait until GBIF had announced the format decisions.  It is
certainly our intention that the LSIDs remain permanently attached to the
currently valid names, and also to new names, should synonymies,
transfers, or other nomenclatorial actions affect their validity.  The
spider catalog is updated on the web only twice a year, and since we had
the capability of adding the LSIDs now, we saw no reason to delay making
them available for another six months.

>direct them to resources that might guide them to rectifying their
I would be delighted to pass any such directions along to the programmers
who will be creating the resolver, as I think so far they’ve found rather
scant resources available to help them!  Cheers, Norm Platnick

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