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Roger Hyam rogerhyam at mac.com
Wed Jan 16 14:00:56 CST 2008

Hi Gail,

Thanks for this. Yes I am in touch with the CollectionWeb guys. I hope  
one of them can attend the kick of meeting and I think I will be the  
TDWG rep on one of their committees.

We will certainly integrate with their system.

All the best,


On 16 Jan 2008, at 19:12, Gail Kampmeier wrote:

> Hi Roger!
> I wondered if you were aware of the efforts of the US National
> Science Foundation in this endeavor?  When I attended the AIBS
> (American Institute of Biological Sciences) Council meeting last May,
> the following was presented
> Progress report: Interagency Working Group on Scientific Collections
> and its Activities
> * Judith Skog, Deputy Division Director, Division for Biological
> Infrastructure, National
> Science Foundation
> AIBS met in conjunction with the Natural Science Collections Alliance
> http://www.nscalliance.org/index.asp, who also had a presentation on
> this topic, where the groups were going to be working together.  At
> least as far as the North American (beyond??) collections go, they
> had questionnaires etc. that they were prepared to distribute on this
> topic.
> I don't have my notes from this meeting at my fingertips, but it
> seems that if you haven't already, that joining forces here would
> make a lot of sense.  Here is a link that NSCA provided on its
> website http://www.nscalliance.org/new_noteworthy.asp#15, which
> references the website they have started...
> http://www.CollectionsWeb.org/
> Cheers!
> Gail
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> Dear Taxacomist,
> I wish to announce the start of a project to build the Biodiversity
> Collections Index (BCI).
> http://www.biodiversitycollectionsindex.org/
> BCI aims to facilitate the understanding, conservation and
> utilisation of global biodiversity by creating a single annotated
> index of all collections of biodiversity materials used in research.
> BCI intends to do this by collaborating with the organisations and
> individuals who curate these collections and the information about
> them.
> Note that this is an index to every collection containing specimens
> not every specimen.
> Please visit the initial project website to read more about the
> project. There is a page for you to register your interest. If you do
> this you will be kept informed of developments up to the launch of
> the system in the summer. Importantly there is also an FAQ page as
> many people have similar questions on first hearing about the project.
> A kick-off meeting is being held in Washington DC at the end of the
> month. You can read more about this on the associated TDWG NCD wiki
> page.
> http://wiki.tdwg.org/twiki/bin/view/NCD/BiodiversityCollectionsIndexKickOffMeeting
> If you have issues that you think should be raised at the meeting
> please contact the most relevant participant or me directly. We plan
> to add the minutes to the NCD wiki as the meeting progresses.
> I hope that BCI can be of service to our community over the coming  
> years.
> Best regards,
> Roger Hyam
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