[Taxacom] Biodiversity Collections Index

Alan Prather alan at msu.edu
Wed Jan 16 15:48:55 CST 2008

Dear Colleagues:

Since Gail Kampmeier brought up CollectionsWeb I wanted to come out of
lurking for a moment to say that Roger Hyam has been in touch with us about
the Biodiversity Collection Index (BCI) and we (the folks at CollectionsWeb)
look forward to working with him on the index. I hope that everyone can get
behind this because this kind of comprehensive index will be very helpful to
people both inside the collections community and outside. 

I also wanted to clarify that the NSF survey Gail mentioned below is a
survey on the status of collections (not an index) so it is not actually
superfluous to the BCI that Roger is working on. Many collections that have
received support from the U.S. NSF just received (or will soon receive)
instructions to participate in this is survey. Again, I want to encourage
everyone to participate. This survey is an excellent opportunity to voice
our concerns and stress our importance at a time when we have the ears of
NSF and other participating branches of the U.S. government. 

So please participate in both of these endeavors if/when you have the

Alan Prather
Michigan State University
CollectionsWeb Steering Committee 

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