[Taxacom] online access to abiotic factor data (Taxacom Digest, Vol 22, Issue 16)

Tim Dickinson tim.dickinson at utoronto.ca
Sun Jan 20 12:59:18 CST 2008

hi philippe--- the international water management institute has an 
online query tool that you might find helpful 
(http://www.iwmi.cgiar.org/WAtlas/AtlasQuery.htm). my grad student, 
eugenia lo, discovered it, and we have used it to obtain meteorological 
data for sites from which we have collected crataegus spp.
> The new IWMI Climate Atlas Web Query (CAWQuer) service creates on-line 
> climate summaries for user-specified locations. All you have to do is 
> enter the latitude and longitude coordinates for the location(s) 
> you're interested in and specify which climate variables are needed. 
> CAWQuer then searches over 8 gigabytes of data in the IWMI Atlas to 
> deliver climate summaries almost instantly. 
as a result of this use i can say that while it is convenient, it 
provides *interpolated* data that may be inaccurate in detail, while not 
in overall pattern. iwmi also provides software (and data) for download, 
but i have found the accompanying explanatory text to be insufficient to 
my needs as a potential user.

another tool that i found out about from a graduate student in mexico is 
FloraMap (http://www.floramap-ciat.org/). it also is a package of data 
and software, in this case available for a modest charge on a cd. altho 
a manual is provided, i found that using it required more effort than i 
could spare in the absence of another, more experienced user to call 
upon for help. the manual for floramap is much more comprehensive than 
the documentation accompanying the iwmi product, and provides many more 
hints about the limitations of the data and the caution with which their 
analyses should be interpreted.


taxacom-request at mailman.nhm.ku.edu wrote:
> Today's Topics:
>    1. From geodesic coordinates to abiotical factors (Philippe Golay)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear Taxacom members,
> is there any software or application able, starting from a list of geodesic
> coordinates (localities), to retrieve climatic data such as : average annual
> temperatures, average annual precipitations, average annual
> evapotranspiration, average annual wet-bulb temperatures, absolute and
> relative humidity?
> The localities are situated in the following countries : Spain, France,
> Switzerland, Germany and Italy.
> Thank you.
> Cordially.
> Philippe
> Philippe GOLAY 
> Secrétaire / Secretary 
> Fondation Culturelle / Cultural Foundation Elapsoïdea 
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