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        2008-01-21  Dnr E326 5012/07

Associate senior lecturer in Systematic
Botany and Biodiversity
Ref.nr E326 5012/07

The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences is looking for an  
associate senior
lecturer within the research subject ”Systematic Botany and  
Biodiversity”. At the
department, research and education within Systematic Botany with  
special reference to
e.g. molecular phylogenetics, tropical botany, bioinformatics, and  
mycology are
conducted. The PhD education area Systematics and Biodiversity was  
established through a merger of botanical and zoological systematics.  
The aim is to
strengthen systematics research in Göteborg, to enhance the quality  
of PhD education,
and to emphasize the theoretical foundation of the subject. Molecular  
research has grown strong during recent years and the department is  
well equipped and
has skilled technical support. The department is located within the  
Botanical Garden,
which is one of the leading of its kind in Europe. The herbarium (GB,  
housing ca.
1,600,000 specimens) is part of the department, which also includes  
research groups and
education in Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Cell Physiology, Plant  
Ecology as well as
Conservation, Ecophysiology, Ecotoxology, and Environmental Science.

The major task for the successful applicant will be to conduct own  
research. Teaching and
administration may also be included to a maximum of 20 percent of the  
Supervision of PhD and Master’s students is also included.

Qualified for the employment as a senior lecturer is a person with a  
PhD or a foreign
exam equivalent to a Swedish PhD, with preference for applicants  
whose exam is no
more than five years old. Candidates who have completed their degree  
earlier than this
should receive equal priority if special grounds exist for example  
leave of absence
because of sickness, parental leave and other similar circumstances.  
(HF 4 kap 8a §)
(Higher Education Act)
Basic qualifications for this appointment are a PhD in Systematic  
Botany or
equivalent foreign degree with emphasis on Systematic Botany.

A decisive judgement ground will be that the applicant from a  
perspective, has shown innovative abilities within at least one of  
the areas theoretical
systematics, phylogenetic methodology, bioinformatics, and  
reconstruction of reticulate

The successful applicant will be the one that after a total  
assessment can be viewed as the
one with greatest potential to carry out and develop the tasks within  
”Systematics and
Biodiversity”. When assessing the scientific skills, special emphasis  
will be given to
research merits within Plant or Fungal Systematics. Ability to teach  
in English, and after
two years of employment also in Swedish, is expected.

The employment is limited to four years, but can after this period,  
after application, be
transformed into a permanent position as senior lecturer.  
Prerequisites for this are that the
employee has successfully passed basic pedagogical education for  
university teachers,
received ”docent” (habilation) title, documented good skills in  
initiating, financing, and
carry out research projects of high international quality, as well as  
having shown good
collaborative abilities and pedagogical skills.

Date of appointment after agreement

The application should be written in English, addressed to The Dean,  
Faculty of
Science, and include:

• A Curriculum Vitae (CV), a list of publications, reprints of a  
maximum of five scientific
publications, certificates of exams and employment, and supplementary  
documents to be
considered. Documentation of pedagogical qualifications should  
include information about the
extent and type of teaching performed, and formal quality reports.
• A brief written account on scientific, pedagogical, and other work  
of importance for the
position, including contacts outside of academia.
• A brief written account of current and planned research.
• Contact information of at least two persons who can act as references.

Application, including all enclosures, must be packed in four  
identical sets,
which can be passed on to reviewers without repacking.

The application should be sent to:
Registrator, Göteborgs universitet, Box 100, SE-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden.

The application must be received at latest on February 25, 2008.
Mark the application with ref.no. E326 5012/07

Further information about the position is available from the head of  
the Department
of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Göran Wallin, telephone  
+46-31-786 26 20,
e-mail: goran.wallin at dpes.gu.se  or
Professor Bengt Oxelman, telephone +46-31-786 26 78, e-mail:
bengt.oxelman at dpes.gu.se

Union representatives: SACO Martin Björkman, tel 031-786 3608, SEKO  
Olsson, tel 031-786 1173, OFR-S Eva Sjögren, tel 031-786 1169.

Bengt Oxelman
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Göteborg University
Box 461
SE-40530 Göteborg
Tel. +46 31 786 2678


Department of Systematic Botany
Evolutionary Biology Centre
Norbyvägen 18D
SE-75236 Uppsala

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