[Taxacom] emelianovi or emeljanovi

Laurent Raty l.raty at skynet.be
Mon Jan 28 17:46:16 CST 2008

Thomas Pape wrote:
> If the original spelling of the species-group name is "Limois 
> emelianovi", and if the original paper mentions that the species is 
> named after "A. A. Emelianov", it does not matter if the correct 
> spelling/transliteration (however evaluated) of the man's name is 
> Emelianov, Emeljanov or Emel'yanov. What count is the original 
> spelling and whether there is INTERNAL evidence of an inadvertent 
> error.

Actually, even if the original publication had said the name was after
"A. A. Emeljanov", this might still not be evidence of a real 
inadvertent error.
In classical Latin, the letter "j" didn't exist at all, so it could make 
sense to decide, deliberately, to avoid it when transliterating Cyrillic 
into this language...

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Laurent Raty
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