[Taxacom] Conference: Monocots IV/Grasses V in Copenhagen, August 2008

Ole Seberg oles at snm.ku.dk
Tue Jan 29 02:03:47 CST 2008

The 2nd Circular for 

"The Fourth International Conference on the Comparative Biology of the
Monocotyledons & The Fifth International Symposium on Grass Systematics
and Evolution"

to take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, 11-15 August 2008 is now available
at www.monocots4.org

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen in August! Note: Dead-line
for early registration is April 4th.

On behalf of the organizing committee

Ole Seberg 
Chairman of the Organizing Committe - Monocots IV/Grasses V 
Laboratory of Molecular Systematics 
The Natural History Museum of Denmark

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