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Mark Costello wrote:

"It [taxacom] also includes taxonomic items (pure taxonomy nomenclature, 
molecular analysis) that are probably of little interest to people 
involved in biodiversity informatics."

I'm surprised, and disheartened, that those working in biodiversity 
informatics would view these topics as "of little interest." The rules 
of nomenclature apply directly to the very organisms that biodiversity 
informatics incorporates as the bases for their work. Further, our 
knowledge of the status of, and relationships among, these organisms are 
greatly enhanced by molecular analyses of the sort often discussed on 

What have I missed with respect to the fundamental goals of biodiversity 


Dick J

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Mark Costello wrote:
> Hello taxacom manager,
> I have been involved in 3 Ocean Biodiversity Informatics conferences and the
> question of a listserv for communication between meetings increasingly
> arises. I am now involved in an international biodiversity informatics
> conference planned for early 2009 and the question again arises.  Related
> lists are the many taxon specifc ones, various project lists, TDWG, and
> taxacom. I just subscribed to taxacom and on reviewing the archive it does
> include a lot of biodiversity informatics emails, and I know many of the
> correspondents have such interests. It also includes taxonomic items (pure
> taxonomy nomenclature, molecular analysis)  that are probably of little
> interest to people involved in biodiversity informatics. 
> I run 3 other listservs (marine biodiversity, sea lice research and control,
> environmental sciences in Ireland) with online archiving  and could set up
> one on biodiversity informatics. However, I do not want to duplicate other
> lists.  So my question is whether we promote the use of taxacom for
> biodiversity informatics news and discussions amongst the past and future
> conference delegates rather than form a new list? This may increase taxacom
> subscribers and traffic, but my guess most of the additional traffic will
> interest at least a portion of present members.
> Best wishes
> Mark  
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