[Taxacom] biodiversity informatica

Beach, James H beach at ku.edu
Tue Jan 29 15:01:02 CST 2008

Although I have never compared membership lists across services, it is
my impression from seeing posts here and there, that Taxacom subscribers
have diverse interests and commonly subscribe to other more specialized
lists. Taxacom seems to be a comfortable, useful mix of issues,
requests, announcements and conversation threads for most subscribers.  
Personally, I like Taxacom's coffee shop atmosphere where one can make
an outlandish claim, a clever retort, or just lob an creative incendiary
comment or two to get people thinking.
I think the biodiversity informatics issues that appear in Taxacom
contribute to the quality of the list and interest in it.  I find them
to be a vital part of the heterogeneous mix.  As of today, they reach
1724 subscribers.  The TDWG lists, as others have pointed out, seem to
be a pretty good place for more technical (especially software
engineering) biodiv informatics issues.  But hey, if you are convinced
that you have a better concept or a better method for a more specialized
thread, give it a go!

James H. Beach
Biodiversity Research Center
University of Kansas
1345 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045, USA
T 785 864-4645, F 785 864-5335



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