[Taxacom] POSITION OPENING: insect specimen databasing/georeferencing

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Wed Jan 30 11:43:59 CST 2008

Apologies for cross-posting.

The UCR Entomological Research Museum is seeking applicants for a 
position to database our holdings of bee specimens, including 
georeferencing and inclusion of floral host data, funded through 
GBIF. Note that the position is full-time, but lasts only 16 months, 
beginning in the latter half of February. Deadline for applications 
is February 12th, 2008. Some essentials are given below, and a 
complete description is at 

The application process is described at 

Please do NOT send applications to this listserv, or to me personally 
(though I can answer many questions, as I will be the supervisor). 
Note that applicants whose background is in botany are welcome, and 
they may even have an advantage. As stated below, our preference is 
to find someone whose research interests are such that the resulting 
database will be of direct and immediate use to them; that way 
everybody wins.

Note also that short-term housing *is* available, so an applicant 
will be able to start work and still have the opportunity to shop 
around for long-term housing (Riverside has many options for monthly 

A career, full-time position with an expected duration of 16 months.
Monthly Salary:  $1,982 - $2,285
Under general supervision of the Senior Museum Scientist, the Museum 
Preparator will be responsible for digital inventory of museum insect 
specimens; this will require transcription of handwritten label data, 
addition of individual unique labels, georeferencing of locality 
information, and lookup of associated scientific names. This will 
require extensive handling of specimens, between 500-1000 each day, 
with complete data entry.
Minimum Requirements:
Graduation from high school or a General Education Diploma.
Fluency in English required for proper transcription of handwritten 
labels - spelling corrections, etc.
Proven typing skills for speed and accuracy.
Fine motor skills (specimens are small and extremely fragile, and 
will be handled extensively).
Knowledge of geography (for accurate georeferencing).
Familiarity with plant scientific names (names on handwritten labels, 
must be read intelligibly).
Preferred Qualifications:
Experience in curation and labeling of pinned insect specimens.
Experience packing and mailing shipments of pinned insect specimens.
Proficiency in use of relational database software.
Proficiency in use of georeferencing.
Research interests relating to pollination ecology, and/or 
biogeography of plants/bees.
Final Filing Date:  February 12, 2008

Please feel free to distribute this call for applicants to qualified 
individuals who may not be on this listserv.

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