[Taxacom] EDIT Joint Research Grants – funding for common work.

Gael Lancelot lancelot at mnhn.fr
Wed Jul 2 09:11:32 CDT 2008

The European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy can fund your work trips 
across Europe. As part of our strategy to fight the fragmentation of 
European taxonomy, our new Joint Research Grants can cover your travel, 
accommodation and a per diem fee for common research in taxonomy.

To be eligible, you only need to:
1) be a member of an EDIT institution*.
2) go to another EDIT institution.
3) travel to work together with members of the host institution to 
produce at least one common research paper in taxonomy.
4) submit the application form found here: 
Please note that part of the application form must be filled by the 
hosting partner. 

Filled forms and questions should be sent to jbschmidt at snm.ku.dk 
<http://www.e-taxonomy.eu/jbschmidt@snm.ku.dk>. Proposals will be 
evaluated by a dedicated panel. The deadline to apply for the first 
round of Joint Research Grants is the *12^th of September 2008*.

More information can be found at: 

*in all, 23 institutions in Europe and Russia, full list at 
http://www.e-taxonomy.eu/links.php. The Smithsonian Institution and 
Missouri Botanical Garden, being special partners of EDIT, are not 
covered in the Joint Research Grants.

Gaël Lancelot
Communication Officer
European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy
Tel: (0033)1 40 79 80 19
lancelot at mnhn.fr

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