[Taxacom] Hennigian Term?

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Right with the misspelling.
However, Hennig defined autapomorphy as derived character state (or trait) of any single taxon, whether species, terminal or anywhere in the tree. I am not sure when it became redefined as derived trait of a terminal taxon. Does anybody know? Or was it just sloppyness or uninformed usage that became a habit?
There is no 'opposite' to autapomorphy. The respective ancestral state would be a plesiomorphy. A synapomorphy is the common derived character state of several taxa (which form a monophyletic group).
In short: Character 1' is a synapomorphy of A, B and C (the components of the monophylum), and an autapomorphy of (A+B+C) (the monophylum itself).

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It is probably a misspelling of "autapomorphy," which is a cladistic term
that refers to a derived trait possessed by a single species (or terminal
group) and none of its genetic relatives (or other members of its clade). It
is the opposite of "synapomorphy".


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> Anyone out there familiar with the term
> "outapomorphy"?
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