[Taxacom] Tree identification

singhg at sify.com singhg at sify.com
Thu Jul 10 14:34:11 CDT 2008

Thanks colleagues for helping me identify Liquidambar styraciflua last fortnight. Here is one more tall tree with smooth brownish flaking bark, elliptic-lanceolate leaves, shining, 12-25 X 6-12 cm, flowers white in clusters of 3-5, ca 1.5 cm across, petals 5, ovary half-immersed (reminding of Myrtaceae), interestingly staments are in five bundles, each bundle looking like the staminal column of Malvaceae. Help will be appreciated. Here grows in apartment complex on El Camino Real Road.

Gurcharan Singh

University of Delhi


Currently on visit to California. 

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