[Taxacom] new / old one coleoptera group

Vratislav Ricardo Bejsak Colloredo Mansfeld ricardo at ans.com.au
Sat Jul 12 21:34:01 CDT 2008


Dear colleagues,


A few months ago Yahoo closed my account (and later subsequently my
coleoptera group with 1803 members). 

I have not received any explanation as to why my account was closed and all
of my enquiries have been replied to by automated messages.


Whoever is interested in coleoptera - beetles please subscribe into my new
email group, through my website:


http://www.coleoptera.org/p677.htm  and follow instruction to subscribe.


Or send empty message into:


coleoptera-subscribe at domeus.com.uk




After subscription into "coleoptera domeus group", you will receive
CONFIRMATION mail from TEAM DOMEUS (sample below): REPLY REQUIRED: Confirm
subscription to group Coleoptera.


This way domeus protecting our coleoptera group from automatic spammers

As you see, in this message You have to click on the - link / word -
"CONSENT"  to be subscribed and get membership into the coleoptera group.

As you can see, in this message also you will get your domeus password.
Please print AND archive this message.


After I will able to confirm / authorise your membership, therefore I am
know also could keep care that spammers and Viagra/porno sellers will not
get into our group.



SAMPLE of team domeus mail :


Hello YOUR EMAIL at Address, 

thanks for your interest in the group Coleoptera (coleoptera at domeus.co.uk) 

Please give your consent to finish the registration process.


I give my consent that .. Bla bla . than eCircle AG (Germany) by eCircle
[eCircle Ltd.]. 

Note: You may withdraw this consent at any time with effect for the future.

If you are not interested in joining, please ignore this eMail and you will
receive no further eMails from us.

The group owner sends the following welcome message:

Thank you very much for your subscription to our coleoptera list.


If you would like to use the full range of features, just log in at
http://uk.domeus.com using the following log-in information:

username: YOUR EMAIL at address

password: YOUR PASSWORD 

Best regards,

Your domeus Team




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