[Taxacom] Identification status

GURCHARAN SINGH singhg at sify.com
Mon Jul 14 17:44:23 CDT 2008

After inputs from various colleagues, and relook, the status of identifications is as under:

DSC01827: Fallugia paradoxa

DSC01831: Cowania mexicana var. stanburiana

DSC01835: Phoredendron juniperinum

DSC01838: Cotula coronopifolia

DSC02141: Rumex hymenosepalus

DSC02148: Cakile maritima

DSC02181: Diplacus (Mimulus) aurantiacus

DSC02208: ?????????

DSC02210 and DSC03611: Arbutus unedo

DSC02229: Nandina domestica

DSC02237: ??????????

DSC02795: Purshia tridentata (nneds confirmation)

DSC03603 and DSC03581: Lophostemon confertus

DSC03604 and DSC03781: Trachyspermum sp. (which species ???)

I have uploaded a few more photographs of plants which I could not place (paucity of literature with me) or need confirmation. Here is link to the album:



Gurcharan Singh

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