[Taxacom] Nematinae samples

Valerie Caron valerie.caron at sci.monash.edu.au
Wed Jul 23 18:40:18 CDT 2008

Hi all,

I am a PhD student working on the willow sawfly (/Nematus oligospilus/, 
family: Tenthredinidae) in Australia. The willow sawfly originates from 
North America (from Ireland to Southern Alaska to Mexico) and Europe 
(from Ireland to the Himalayas) and has become invasive in the southern 
hemisphere. I am currently looking for samples of /N. oligospilus /and 
other Nematinae from the northern hemisphere to assess the genetics of  
native populations.

If anyone has worked with the subfamily Nematinae, I would be really 
interested to hear from you!

Thank you!


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