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Subject: symposium 250 years of Zoological Nomenclature

A symposium of the 20th International Congress of  Zoology celebrating 250
years of the scientific naming

of animals, starting with the publication of the 10th edition of Linnaeus’s
Systema Naturae, on January 1st

1758, organised by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.


Systema Naturae 250

26-27 August 2008, Paris



Presentation of the Sherborn Award for services to biodiversity informatics.
This will be presented by twice Pulitzer prizewinning

author, and leading biodiversity scientist, Professor Edward O. Wilson of
Harvard University.

For more information please use the web-address at the top of the page or
visit: www.iczn.org


A quarter millennium of zoological nomenclature

Programme 26 August 2008 PM

Session 1 (ICZ S4): Systema Naturae

250: The Linnaean Ark - 250 years of animal names

Keynote Speaker -

Edward O.Wilson: The Linnaean Ark.

David Quammen: Linnaeus – name giver. A passion for order (presented by
Andrew Polaszek).

James Dobreff: In the wake of the Linnaean Ark - Daniel Rolander’s Diarium
Surinamicum and its insects.

Hans Dieter Sues: Fossils and Linnaean classification.

Gordon McGregor Reid: The naming of threatened animal and plant species - a
matter of life and death.

Quentin D. Wheeler: Linnaean classifications - from Ark to Battlestar.


Programme 27 Aug 2008 AM

Session 2 (ICZ S5A): Systema Naturae 250: current issues in animal
nomenclature (I)

Philippe Bouchet: Documenting marine megabiodiversity

Estelle Balian, Hendrik Segers, Christian Lévèque & Koen Martens: Freshwater
Animal Diversity Assessment - a project documenting biodiversity in
continental aquatic ecosystems.

Neal Evenhuis, Thomas Pape, Adrian Pont, & Chris Thompson: Flying after
Linnaeus -Dipteran names since Systema Naturae (1758).

Frank Bisby: The Catalogue of Life - an e-Science Systema Naturae for the

Donat Agosti, Terry Catapano, Norman F. Johnson, Richard Pyle & Zhi-Qiang
Zhang: 1758 - Latin Binomen; 2008 - e-Descriptions.

Sandra Knapp & Debbie Wright: e-Publish or Perish.

David Schindel & Scott Miller: Provisional Nomenclature - The On-Ramp to
Taxonomic Names

David Patterson: Future taxonomy - bigger, better and faster.

Simon Tillier: Grasping the taxonomic diversity of Life - barcoding and
integration of infrastructures.

James Hanken: The Encyclopedia of Life.


Programme 27 Aug 2008 PM

Session 3 (ICZ S5B): Systema Naturae 250: current issues in animal
nomenclature (II)


Norman Johnson: Future taxonomy today - new tools applied to accelerate the
taxonomic process.

David Remsen: The All Genera Index.

Andrew Polaszek & Ellinor Michel: Linnaeus - Sherborn - ZooBank.

Richard Pyle et al: ZooBank - reviewing the first two years, and preparing
for the next 250.

Charles Godfray: Web taxonomy – the future or a distraction?

Alfried Vogler: 250 years - enough animal nomenclature.

Benoit Dayrat: The Codes - is reconciliation possible?

Fredrik Ronquist: 250 years of Swedish taxonomy.


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