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Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Mon Jul 28 17:27:20 CDT 2008

>Given the fact that for the most part taxonomists are once
>opinionated, doctrinaire, possessive, elitist, authoritarian and
>conservative control freaks (isn't order and control the very
>definition of taxonomy?), I do not see it taking off[snip]
>yes, it would be a brave new world for taxonomy... to have your work
>under continuous peer (and not so peer) review and under the perpetual
>editorial knife sounds like a taxonomist's vision of Hell on Earth...

What if the only people allowed to actually *edit* were other 
taxonomists (defined, e.g., as anyone who has published at least 5 
new taxa, at least 90% of which are not considered synonyms - so as 
not to exclude the many competent "amateurs"), and non-taxonomists 
were only allowed to *comment*? That would still allow the 
"opinionated, doctrinaire, possessive, elitist, authoritarian and 
conservative control freaks" to rule the roost, but expose their 
internecine disputes to public scrutiny, where bad manners and bad 
science wouldn't be tolerated for long. Might that not be a workable 


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