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EOL plans to include this type of functionality.

David Patterson

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Interesting observation Roger -  I have been wondering about this
model for a while and guess that is what wikipedia/wikispecies are
trying to offer.

Given the fact that for the most part taxonomists are once
opinionated, doctrinaire, possessive, elitist, authoritarian and
conservative control freaks (isn't order and control the very
definition of taxonomy?), I do not see it taking off, or even if it
does, gaining major community acceptance (if previous taxacom threads
on the utility and authority of wikipedia are anything to go by).  But
hey, I would never  have predicted the global internet success of the
'mass volunteerism' that wikipedia has become...

yes, it would be a brave new world for taxonomy... to have your work
under continuous peer (and not so peer) review and under the perpetual
editorial knife sounds like a taxonomist's vision of Hell on Earth...


On Tue, Jul 29, 2008 at 4:39 AM, Roger Hyam <rogerhyam at mac.com> wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone could help me find some examples of taxonomy
> web sites that will accept contributions from general users in the
> style of wikipedia/wikispecies. To qualify they must allow anyone to
> register and contribute. Contributions must appear live, as part of
> the data without going through an editorial process. Sites that only
> allow users to comment or upload their own data don't really count. I
> am looking for collaborative works. The sites could cover any kind of
> taxonomic related information - not just actual taxa
> I am wondering why I don't come across such site in my work.
> Many thanks for your thoughts,
> Roger
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