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What we use in the Consortium of California Herbaria is a system that
associates semi-structured comments with the records as well as routing 
to the curators of the data. See the recent comments link at the bottom 
the main search page:

What is hard to appreciate is how much time is required for a curator
to evaluate a comment, locate the pertinent specimen (as is often 
make the necessary changes in the record (often _not_ the change 
advocated by the
commenter) and the specimen, and pursue possible related errors.

Follow-up is not usually immediate, but at least the comment makes 
evident that
a record may contain questionable data.

Richard Moe

On Jul 29, 2008, at 5:22 PM, <Donald.Hobern at csiro.au> wrote:

> I believe that we do need an approach which steers a mid-course between
> static web publishing and a typical wiki environment.  The scratchpads
> are closest to my vision.
> The biggest risk with a wikified environment is that essential
> information remains as unstructured text and largely hidden from data
> modelling and analysis.  A widget-based approach (along the lines of 
> the
> scratchpads or the Wikipedia boxes) could provide users with a friendly
> guided way to provide structured data.
> The Atlas of Living Australia has received additional funding to work 
> on
> Data Annotation Services (quick introduction at
> http://www.ala.org.au/dataannotation.htm).  I hope that we will be able
> to take this beyond simple user comments on problems with data records.
> Obvious first steps are to capture proposed corrections as structured
> data and to build user interface components which generate small data
> snippets expressing trophic relationships, coding of taxon characters,
> or bibliographic data.
> Donald
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> The fact that errors in GBIF persist for months, if not longer,
> suggests that this model of authoritative integration has flaws. If
> GBIF, say, had simple tools for community annotation they could
> dramatically improve the quality of their data.
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> Rod
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