[Taxacom] wikipedia & taxonomical authority

Doug Yanega dyanega at ucr.edu
Wed Jul 30 11:48:35 CDT 2008

>As for Roderic's comment:
>Wikipedia: The taxonomic community seems 
>somehow afraid of them, yet I suggest this is not based on much more 
>than folklore.
>Let me give a real example of this "folklore"
>The wikipedia has an entry for "Hoverfly" [European common name for
>family Syrphidae, Order Diptera; known in North America as flower flies]
>They include a picture of a species identified as "Melangyna
>viridiceps," an endemic Australian species. Unfortunately, the picture
>is of Simosyrphus grandicornis.  In the references, there is a link to
>CSIRO photo gallery where there is a picture of the real Melangyna

It's simple enough, then, Chris. Just edit the page. It took me a 
grand total of about 10 minutes to get the whole mess straightened 
out. If we, as taxonomists, refuse to contribute to efforts such as 
Wikipedia by investing a little of our time when we encounter a 
problem such as this, then we have no right to complain.


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