[Taxacom] valid characters in scientific names?

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Hi Dave,

I'm not sure about the Zoological code; in the Botanical code, you need to allow for characters with a diaeresis.

>From the Vienna code (http://www.ibot.sav.sk/icbn/main.htm):

60.6. Diacritical signs are not used in Latin plant names. In names (either new or old) drawn from words in which such signs appear, the signs are to be suppressed with the necessary transcription of the letters so modified; for example  ä, ö, ü become, respectively,  ae, oe, ue; é, è, ê become  e, or sometimes  ae; ñ becomes n; ø becomes  oe;  å becomes  ao. The diaeresis, indicating that a vowel is to be pronounced separately from the preceding vowel (as in  Cephaëlis, Isoëtes), is permissible; the ligatures  -æ- and  -œ-, indicating that the letters are pronounced together, are to be replaced by the separate letters  -ae- and  -oe-.

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|Can someone direct me to a specification indicating the range of valid 
|characters that may appear in a scientific name (not including 
|date and 
|author)?  It has always been my assumption that this would be the set 
|with ASCII character codes less than 128, or more specifically in the 
|range 0x20 - 0x7e (space through tilde).
|   Dave V.
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