[Taxacom] wikipedia & taxonomical authority

Chuck Miller Chuck.Miller at mobot.org
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Regarding "the history of who is doing what is visible"

Most "whos" on Wikipedia are anonymous using names like flip02,
darthvader, fuzzy bunny, etc.  So, how do you really know "who" is doing
what? You just know "what."

EOL intends to provide real "whos" for its species pages.  At least if
you know "who" wrote the "what", you have a chance for reporting the
issue to them.  Of course, the "who" might have lived in the 19th
century and won't listen.


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On Wed, July 30, 2008 8:05 pm, Neal Evenhuis wrote:
> Who corrects EoL pages? I thought they were going to be a sort of

Likewise, many databases like ITIS are also crammed full of outdated or
sometimes outright wrong information, but trying to get it fixed is
practically impossible.  At least with a wiki-type interface, changes
can be made when spotted and the history of who is doing what is

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