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I will suggest that it is perhaps priorities, or politics or something similar that makes it "practically impossible" to fix errors/outdated data.
A system of annotations/updates and re-integration should not be to hard to get going if it was a high priority, and everyone participated in the process.
We are looking to do something along these lines with our Global Compositae Checklist project, although fairly manual, it will hopefully achieve this requirement.  The checklist system integrates Compositae data from a variety of "providers", and the result (consensus taxon data) can then be viewed on the web.  We intend to allow people to submit annotations/updates to this data which may then be integrated into the consensus data.  And enhancement to the process would be to automate the submission (rather than by email, etc), and set up a panel of "experts" to validate the submissions.

>>> "Karl Magnacca" <kmagnacca at wesleyan.edu> 31/07/2008 7:26 a.m. >>>
On Wed, July 30, 2008 8:05 pm, Neal Evenhuis wrote:
> Who corrects EoL pages? I thought they were going to be a sort of wiki?

Likewise, many databases like ITIS are also crammed full of outdated or
sometimes outright wrong information, but trying to get it fixed is
practically impossible.  At least with a wiki-type interface, changes
can be made when spotted and the history of who is doing what is

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