[Taxacom] EDIT Newsletter #9

Gael Lancelot lancelot at mnhn.fr
Mon Jun 2 11:18:49 CDT 2008

Dear all,

It is June, when summer should start, and all over Europe rain and 
wind’s a-gonna fall. Perfect time, then, to tuck in with the ninth issue 
of the EDIT newsletter and let it warm you up. Inside you will find, as 
usual, news from the rapidly-developing world of taxonomy, alerts to 
forthcoming events and articles on recent achievements.

But you will also find a taxonomist’s favourite pastime: a hearty 
discussion on the future of our discipline. Four articles discuss 
upcoming important issues highlighted by our future scoping report 
respectfully disagreeing on certain points, drawing up consensus on 
others. We believe that this is how science progresses; we could do no 
less than open our pages to it for this issue.

The newsletter is also available at 

/Detailed summary/:


    * Recent news
    * Taxonomy in the 21^st Century in Europe
    * Professionals & Non-Professionals workshop
    * EDIT’s barcoding working/funding groups
    * ATBI+M programme in Tanzania

Forthcoming Events

· ALTERNet Peatland Workshop

· UNITAR Workshop on Climate Change

· SCB annual meeting 2008

· 6th European Conference on Restorative Ecology

· Biodiversity in an Ecosystem Context



· Taxonomy’s Unexamined Impediment

· Taxonomically Informed Biodiversity Informatics Supports Taxonomy

· Should we Care about Taxonomic Journals?

· Biotaxa: a Response


· FADA: the Story of a Global Assessment of Freshwater Biodiversity


EDIT welcomes contributions to its newsletter. To share your success 
stories, your musings or your lessons learned, please do not hesitate to 
contact me at lancelot at mnhn.fr <mailto:lancelot at mnhn.fr>

(apologies for cross-posting)

Gaël Lancelot
Communication Officer
European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy
Tel: (0033)1 40 79 80 19
lancelot at mnhn.fr

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