[Taxacom] Polynomials or binomials with descriptions?

Frank Farruggia frank_farruggia at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 7 10:37:59 CDT 2008

Hello Taxacomers,
I am working out some nomeclatural issues within Sesbania (Leguminosae) and have a question about Phillip Miller's Gardeners Dictionary, Edition 3.  One name has been suggested as a polynomial in this publication.  My question is, did Miller publish the names as Genus (epithet) followed by the description.  It appears that he was suggesting a binomial name by putting the epithet within parentheses.  Or are these indeed polynomials?  I couldn't find an explaination in the text. Thanks for all your help.
FrankFrank T. Farruggia School of Life SciencesArizona State UniversityTempe, AZ 85287Frank_Farruggia at hotmail.com
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