[Taxacom] Towards a consensus higher classification of organisms (was: List of Orders of the world), misspellings, etc...

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Penny, Brian,

First, I was commending Parker as a worthy exercise that has not yet been surpassed, but was overdue for an update - including correcting any shortcomings of course (and yes, I also noticed the omission of the springtails). Second, the implied criticism of "uncritically just hoovering in anything on the web" is unfair. What I am actually attempting to do is to fill gaps in the available Catalogue of Life compilation from other supposedly "authoritative" lists (including some not available anywhere in electronic form, and others not yet published, courtesy of their authors), and then address some of the issues of mis-matching names, and hierarchies to a lesser degree in due course (the latter a secondary consideration). My ultimate reason for this is to have a local list (or construct a web service) that will attempt to answer, at a machine readable level and in a consistent manner, the two questions (a) is this genus / genus + species combination marine or nonmarine, and (b) is it extant or fossil (or potentially both), also correcting errors in sources as I come across them (and I can assure you that the supposed "gold standard" Catalogue of Life is by no means error free). Since the alternative appears to be to wait for the CoL to be complete (another xx years??) and even then it will not contain the habitat information that I seek, and will also miss all the fossil taxa, I feel that if there is a requirement for such a list "now", one has no practical alternative to constructing one's own...

I guess I was hoping for constructive criticism rather than negativity. If the latter is a general response, it is a simple matter to disable the high level search options once more and just use the system to suit my own needs and those of my "immediate" clients (principally, OBIS and others with similar habitat-specific requirements). But maybe there are persons on the list who see *some* wisdom in this approach - note the "Interim" in the IRMNG title - when there is something better to use, I will be the first to use it.

- Tony

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...and I hope that real benchmark lists of 
formally registered names, like the system in use 
in prokaryote nomenclature won't get swamped by 
those sites that uncritically just hoover in anything on the web.....

At 10:06 12.06.08, Penny Greenslade wrote:
>I hope any such list will not follow Parker (ed.)'s "Synopsis and
>Classification of Living Organisms" (publ. 1982) too closely as that book
>left out a whole (abundant and widespread) Class of organisms, the Collembola.
>Penelope Greenslade
>At 01:14 PM 12/06/2008 +1000, Tony.Rees at csiro.au wrote:
> >Parker
> >(ed.)'s "Synopsis and Classification of Living Organisms" (publ. 1982),
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